Cultural Heritage

Fokstumyra nature reserve

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
An eldorado for birdwatchers from the whole world


Year around


No entry outside path in the nesting season 01.05 - 01.08

Fokstumyra nature reserve is situated in Dovre municipality, just north of Dombås. The nature reserve is listed under the Ramsar Convention, because of its wetland's importance for birds, both migratory birds and nesting birds. The are was listed in 1923 as a function of the railroad Dovrebanen's negative effect on previous pristine nature. The listing was upgraded to a nature reserve in 1969. The area is dominated by marshes, and situated 940-960 meters above sea level, just below the tree line. The first listing included 7,5 km², this was extended to 18,2 km² in 2002.

A path and watchtower has been built in the area. Outside this path there is no entry in the nesting season from 01.05 - 01.08. Enter the area from Fokstugu Farm, 10 km north of Dombås.

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Photo: Tom Schandy