Rest stop

Feginsbrekka at Ramset (The Hill of Joy)

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Laila Haugen Trøen
Feginsbrekka (The Hill of Joy) was in the Middle Ages located by Ramset Farm. Today, you have to go to Stange Vestbygd for the equivalent experience.


2355 Stange


On the trail

When you come out of the forest at Tangen, the landscape opens up and you can look over the beautiful cultural landscape of Stange Vestbygd and Mjøsa. Pilgrims on their way north through Hedmarken would be able to see both Stange Church and Hamar with Domkirkeodden from this point.

For medieval pilgrims it must have been a joy to arrive at this church town that in the Middle Ages was called Skaun (the faire), from the dangers of the wild forests.

Here you'll find a pilgrim bench, so please, have a well deserved rest!

Feginbrekka originates from fegin, that translates to Joyous. Another name for Feginbrekka is Gledens Bakke; Hill of Joy. It was the point where pilgrims for the first time in a long time could catch sight of a place and a church, and would stop in joy and gratitude.