Eidsvoll Church

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
The Eidsvoll Church has played a prominent role through the history of Norway. It was closely related to the Eidsivating Court of Appeal, through the medieval era there were close relations with the Cathedral in Oslo. Prominent vicars having served in the church is Nicolai Wergeland and Eilert Sundt, both most prominent men in Norwegian history. The present day church can write it's history back to 1200, one believes that there was a church at the site prior to that date but one is not sure. It's present appearance stems from a restoration that took place after a fire in 1883.



+47 63965220


Breidablikk, 2080 Eidsvoll


Every Friday the year around 13.30-17.00. Service every Sunday 11.00.
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