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Dalum pilgrimhostel

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Dalum pilgrimhostel is a smal farm loctaed by the hillside in Gudbrandsdalen

Kontakt telephone

+47 481 57 821/ +47 481 35 299


Jon: j-dahlum@online.no Wenche: wencda@online.no


Dalumsvegen 209, N2670 Otta. ( km from Kvam

Avstand fra leden

100 meters


From NOK 150 for the cabin


Pilgrimstandard, self household


Bring sleeping bag, In tømmerstua outdoor toilet and outdoor cooking. Call in advance

Dalum pilgrimhostel is a smal farm located between Kvam and Sjoa in Gudbrandsdalen, 8 km north of Kvam. The host Wnche and Jon Dalum offers hospitality and accommodation for pilgrims in two cabins on the farm. They also lives on the place.

Tømmerstua is a smal cabin with fireplace, 3 beds - one bunkbed and one flatbed - and eqiped with a possibilities to cook. There is outdoor toilett.

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