Dalum pilgrimhostel

Situated along Gudbrandsdalsleden
Dalum pilgrimhostel is a smal farm loctaed by the hillside in Gudbrandsdalen

Kontakt telephone

+47 481 57 821/ +47 481 35 299


Jon: Wenche:


Dalumsvegen 209, N2670 Otta. ( km from Kvam

Avstand fra leden

100 meters


From NOK 150 for the cabin/ Fra NOK 250 for smalhouse


Pilgrimstandard, self household


Bring sleeping bag, Kitchen, bathroom and toilet in vesletsua In tømmerstua outdoor toilet and outdoor cooking. Call in advance

Dalum pilgrimhostel is a smal farm located between Kvam and Sjoa in Gudbrandsdalen, 8 km north of Kvam. The host Wnche and Jon Dalum offers hospitality and accommodation for pilgrims in two cabins on the farm. They also lives on the place.

Tømmerstua is a smal cabin with fireplace, 3 beds - one bunkbed and one flatbed and eqiped with a possibilities to cook.There is outdoor toilett.

Veslestua is a smal house with a nice standard. Livingroom and kitchen, bathroom and toilett, 2 beds (bunkbed) in the sleepingrom and two flatbeds in the livingroom.

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