Hotel Brosundet - a historical pearl

Situated along Kystpilegrimsleia
Approved pilgrim accommodation

Hotel Brosundet Photo Credit Fredrik Bye

What could be better for a pilgrim than staying in a hotel who wish you "Welcome home - a place to dream"? Here you can live in historic surroundings in the heart of Jugendbyen Ålesund. The hotel is a peaceful and beautiful oasis located in direct close contact with the sea.


Apotekergata 1-5, Ålesund

Primage offer:

The hotel gives a 15% discount on dynamic prices, on presentation of a valid pilgrim's passport (which confirms that you are a pilgrim).


The hotel can book kayak and SUP activities, and others.
There is also a separate spa and fitness department with an outdoor bath. In a wonderful, oval and secluded room, you can take part in yoga classes.

In the heart of the Jugendbyen Ålesund

Perhaps you have lived spartanly and simply for a few days, are a little tired and need a rest in good surroundings that have everything you need. Then Hotel Brosundet could be the place on the road! To get here, you walk along cobbled streets between beautiful Art Nouveau buildings. These were built up in the period 1904 and 1907 as part of nation-building. The town and the hotel are a cultural and historical gem.

A peaceful place

Here you will find the hotel's website, with information on accommodation, restaurants, activities, well-being, sustainability, and more. The hotel's Sundet Gym & Bad is characterized by calm and harmony, here you can go outside to take a bath by the sea. You can even stay in the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater on the way to Brosundet, if you want to experience something extra close to nature and culture. The hotel is a world of its own, with delicious food, good beds in a peaceful interior landscape with historical weight and credibility. There is a lot of fun to come up with - read more about activities here.

Pilgrimage to Borgund

From the hotel you can walk pilgrim to Borgund Medieval Museum. There is a well-marked 6 km long path from the start of the stairs to Aksla and further inland from the well-known panoramic view of the city. The trip is not demanding. Feel free to return by bus.

Familyroom - photo: Hotel Brosundet
Welcome home - a place to dream... Photo: Hotel Brosundet
Maybe stay at the lighthouse? Photo: Hotel Brosundet
What about jumping in the sea after a sauna? Photo: Hotel Brosundet
You can participate in a yoga class. Photo: Hotel Brosundet
Maybe you want to paddle in Brosundet? Photo: Hotel Brosundet