Situated along St. Olavsleden
90 metres above the road lies a strange, 100-years old bulding. This is Bokkhuset, part of the Værdalske fortifications.



Blokkhuset shelter is located on a hilltop above Vaterholmen, between Sul and Vuku. There is no electricity, no heating and no indoor water. But the water in the stream nearby is drinkable. Inside, there's benches and tables, and benches for sleeping. Bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. There is also some instant food, coffee and tea (the last shop was at Åre...). Food is made on the outdoor bonfire. There is also an old toilet - "utedo".
You enter by the cellar. It is damp, dark and dirty. Upstairs is a lot nicer. And you can sleep there, if you dare.

The place is listed, so please don't make any damage or alterations to it.

No booking, drop in. Sleeping benches for 6 persons, but plenty of additional floor space.

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Blokkhuset - the old fortification at inndalen