Birgittaklosteret | Tiller

Situated along Østerdalsleden

Foto: Hege Abrahamsen

The monastery "Birgittaklosteret" on Tiller offers accommodation for pilgrims in its guest house.


Ingeborg Ofstads vei 1, 7091 Tiller,


Single room NOK 800 incl. breakfast
Double room NOK 1400 incl. breakfast


All year


1.7 km


20 guest rooms with shower

Overnight in an active monastery on the last night before arriving at Nidaros Cathedral.

lunch and dinner can be booked in advance

Directions: To find the way to the Birgittaklosteret from the Østerdalsleden, follow the sign for Tiller church until you have reached Tiller. Then go straight ahead through the housing estate towards Birgittaklosteret. (See map). To get back to Østerdalsleden again, go to Tiller church, and follow the footpath down to Nidelven and Østerdalsleden. The hiking trail passes right next to the cemetery.

Note that the Guest House does not accept credit or visa cards. Only cash or VIPPS (#568125 BIRGITTA KLOSTERET)