Alstadhaug church

Situated along St. Olavsleden
Alstadhaug church was built during the 12th century.


Fv119 1, 7600 Levanger, Norge


11am to 4pm during summer.


The church building is built of stone with wood ceilings. Dendrochronology surveys of the roof works show the timber dates to 1166-67. It is therefore likely that the church was completed in ca. 1170.

The church was built in a long church style by an unknown architect. It features elements from both Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The church has been remodeled several times and the floor plan has undergone several changes. The interior features the remains of murals from the 13th century with famous Biblical motifs. The altarpiece dating from the 1650s was carved by Trøndelag-based artist and craftsman Johan Johansen, (d. 1657) listed as woodcarver (bilthugger) and painted by Johan Hanssønn listed as portrait artist (kontrafeier).

Next to the church is Olvishaugen, a large burial mound. Olvishaugen measures 55 metres across and has a height of almost 6 metres. It has not been excavated but estimates have dated it from the Iron Age (5th to 8th centuries AD).

Source: Wikipedia