Tankeplass (place of thought) - art along the Pilgrim Trail for rest and reflection

In 2021, five beautiful works of art were completed along the Gudbrandsdalsleden and the official opening was 5 September. The TANKEPLASS project has sprung from the idea of ​​creating natural stops along the Pilgrim Trail using artistic and / or architectural installations.

Foto: Tove Sandheim

Tankeplass a project that creates stops, reflection and invites you to rest

The works of art can be found along the trail in Gran, Østre Toten, Lillehammer, Øyer and Ringebu and are well worth a visit.

The "places of thought" are meant to invite reflection and contemplation, places where you can be steeped in your own thoughts, enjoy the view, exchange thoughts with other wanderers, and "fill up your tank". The art project will also be able to raise awareness and highlight qualities and identities associated with areas and roads that have been abandoned in favor of modern infrastructure, and contribute to revitalizing and activating culturally and historically central areas.

An initiative from the former Oppland county municipality

The idea of "​​Tankeplass" was developed by an interdisciplinary group in Oppland County Municipality in 2016 and the work is now being continued in Innlandet County Municipality. The county municipalities have a statutory responsibility for public health and outdoor life, and Innlandet county municipality has tourism as an important area in its business strategies. Furthermore, the county municipality is the regional cultural heritage authority with competence in and responsibility for the cultural heritage field. This is the background for the initiative for "Tankeplass". The pilgrim centers Dale-gudbrand and Granavollen have contributed to the work with selection and placement as well as implementation.

This year part two of this project has started up. The muncipalities of Nord-Fron, Ringsaker, Hamar, Stange and Vestre Toten will be participate.

In the long run, it is a goal to realize a Thinking Place in every municipality where the trail runs, from Oslo to Trondheim.

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