Last stop before the Dovre Mountain

A pilgrimage on the Gudbrandsdalsleden is also a walk through Norwegian history. On your pilgrimage you will encounter one cultural treasure after another. One of these is the historical farm of Budsjord.

When architect Erik Langdalen bought Budsjord in 2012, he was returned to his childhood paradise. His grandfather grew up just 15 minutes away and they had visited the farm many times over the years.

Erik was sitting with his partner at the long kitchen table in their old farmhouse when they heard the farm was up for sale. The buyer however, could not be just anyone, it had to be someone with connections to the farm.

Architect Erik Langdalen bought Budsjord in 2012, returning him to his childhood paradise. His grandfather grew up close by and they have visited Budsjord numerous times throughout the years. Photo: Eskil Roll

17 buildings on the farm

Budsjord is a unique old homestead with many well-preserved houses and farm buildings. “It was run as a farm until 1958” – says Erik. “However, when we bought the farm, it was basically as it had been since the end of the 18th century with all the equipment that had been used to run the farm for hundreds of years. Everything was in good condition.”

Pilgrims are especially welcome

The previous owners of Budsjord opened the farm to pilgrims and for local events in 1995. Today, Erik continues this tradition. With the professional help of local craftsmen, he has restored many of the buildings with different sleeping arrangements to choose from. You can rent a double room with a ready-made bed or you can choose a more common "pilgrim standard" in a dormitory using your own sleeping bag.

Good conversations

According to Erik, pilgrims are the type of guests that bring with them a certain calmness. "The pilgrimage tends to set people in a different mood after a long day’s walk. I think you appreciate more the things you normally take for granted; good food, a hot shower and a good bed. You get conversations around the table that you would not get in many other places, because the pilgrims that come here have different backgrounds and come from many different nations."

Concerts and exhibitions

Erik wants Budsjord to be a place that is alive for both guests and people that live in the area. Erik arranges both exhibitions and concerts at Budsjord. He photographs and registers everything on the farm and plans to turn the barn into a farm museum. Erik also works as a professor at the School of Architecture and Design in Oslo and likes to bring his students to Budsjord to teach them about the particular building techniques in the valley.

Budsjord is the last stop before crossing the Dovre mountain, as it has been for many hundreds of years. Photo: Eskil Roll

Local gourmet food

Mealtime is central at Budsjord, Erik tells us, –whether it is around the long dining table in “Sørstuggu” where breakfast, pilgrim soup and sour cream waffles are served, or when it is an invitation to a feast at the “Nordstuggu” where there is room for up to 25 guests.

Our cook Eva originally comes from the Dovre forest and knows the local food traditions. We also cooperate with the cook Håkon Magne Skjøren from Folldal and we often put together special menus based on local produce.

Moose taco and wine from Toscana

When we visited Budsjord, moose taco with special imported wine from Toscana was on the menu. -It may sound strange to have tacos up here, but the meal also goes under the name “Morr” and is actually typical for the area around Dovre, Erik says with a smile. Moose taco is actually made of slices of moose steak with onions and potatoes rolled in a “lefse” –a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread, and served with sour cream. Served on traditional blue Willow Pattern plates in the drawing room at Budsjord, this is without a doubt the best taco meal we have ever eaten.


  • The pilgrim farm Budsjord with its 17 buildings is on the preservation list.
  • It is located in the valley between Dovre and Dombås
  • It is mentioned in historical sources as early as the 14th century
  • The last pilgrim shelter on the Gudbrandsdalsleden before the Dovre mountain
  • Serves gourmet food based on local produce and beer from Hubertus Brewery on Dovre
  • Imports wine from the Tuscan wine yard Tenuta San Vito
  • The Café at Budsjord is open all days during summer.

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