The Pilgrim Season 2020

This summer the borders were again opened for visits from abroad and we have had an overall increased activity in the society. Unfortunately, this has led us to a new phase with increased spread of infection. Central authorities are now assessing the situation surrounding the spread of the Covid-19 virus on a weekly basis. Several countries are above the limit when it comes to the spread of infection and those who come to Norway from these countries, will be quarantined on arrival. To follow the development and find the latest updates around this, you can follow this link:

We are now heading towards the end of the season, but the pilgrim route is still marked and ready for shorter or longer trips and much of the service offered along the route is still in place. Please note that many accommodations only accept pre-booked arrivals.

We will continue to prevent the spread of infection, and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health's (FHI) guidelines for infection control are used as a basis for both hikers and those who offer services along the trail. Based on, among other things, the advice from FHI, the National Pilgrim Center and the regional centers have prepared an infection control guide for our partners.

The pilgrim route is open for a touching journey, with room for reflection, silence, beautiful and varied nature, churches, cultural monuments, physical activity and an arena to challenge oneself. Good hiking!

To ensure a safe and good experience for both guests and hosts, we ask that the following main principles will be followed:

  • Do not go on a pilgrimage if you feel sick
  • Keep a distance, minimum 1 meter from others, and pay attention to others, both walkers and hosts
  • Be thorough with hand hygiene
  • Plan your hike and book accommodation in advance
  • We encourage you to bring a bottle of antibac in your bag

For updated information about tour suggestions, the service offer, and available accommodation see

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