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Trondheim is Norway`s food capital and Home of Nordic Flavours. Here you can go on a culinary pilgrimage among the city's cozy restaurants and cafés, which offer everything from traditional cuisine to modern gourmet experiences.

Foto: Nidaros Pilegrimsgård

Streif Bakeri og Café

A delicious bakery and a lovely café overlooking the river Nidelven. Enjoy the food in the cozy cafe or take it with you when you wander by | 15% discount
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Foto: To Rom og Kjokken

To Rom og Kjøkken

Restaurant right in the heart of Trondheim with a focus on promoting the best ingredients found around Trondheim and Trøndelag. The á la carte restaurant is mainly focusing on local products and preparing them in a Mediterranean style | 10% on 3-course menu
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Foto: EC Dahls

E.C. Dahls Pub og Kjøkken

E.C. Dahls Bryggeri is Trondheim's local brewery with a long history. Enjoy a tasty meal and locally produced beer in their American-inspired restaurant | 15% discount
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Foto: bakklandet Skydsstasjon

Baklandet Skydsstation

Baklandet Skydsstation is a peaceful and idyllic cafe where you can enjoy delicious food and drink in old-fashioned surroundings | 10% discount
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Foto: Godt Brød

Godt Brød

Organic bakery in the heart of Trondheim! Godt Brød is the term for real craftsmanship and the baking is mainly organic. The baking is made from short-distance raw materials grown by farmers who run organic farming | 20% discount on all baked goods and on breakfast from 08:00-10.00
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Foto: Krambua

Krambua Pub og Restaurant

Krambua is located in the oldest part of Trondheim. Here you are welcomed to a pleasant dining experience | Today's dinner incl. dessert - 229 NOK
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Foto: Sellanraa

Sellanraa Bok & Bar

Sellanraa Bok & Bar serves sustainable and locally produced food in pleasant surroundings. A place for good food, good literature and good conversations | 15% discount
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Foto: Visit Bjørn

Visit Bjørn

The place for a unique experience that combines tasty local food with stories and entertainment by Bjørn Fjeldvær. And "home of Nordic flavors" | 10% discount + a special gift
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Foto: Digs Café

Digs Café

Digs Café is located right by the St. Clement's Church and serves delicious food and beverages | "Pilgrim coffee" + pastery - 60 NOK
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Foto: Olavshallen

Olavstorget | Olavshallen

Olavstorget collects good tasting experiences for you. Enjoy good food and drink from all the five concept kitchens. Visit before, during, after and outside of your cultural- and concert experiences. Find a place on their green square in the middle of Olavshallen - all week, all year round | 10% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages (Use discountcode "Pilegrim 10")
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Foto: Olavshallen

Ciabatta | Olavshallen

Here, you are served good coffee from their own coffee blend. They have tasty food in the form of smeared ciabatta, various lunch dishes, fresh pastries and an evening concept with a little more food. They also have a rich selection of good wine, tasty beer and exciting juices | 10% discount on food
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Foto: Olavshallen

Café Baroque | Olavshallen

Café Baroque are serving progressive soul food / home cooking. Everything is made on site. We also serve a lot of allergy-friendly food / cakes | Baroque-burger for Pilgrimer: 85,- Pilgrimsbowl : 115,- (rotgrønnsaker, kål, hummus & oliven) Kaffe-Pilgrim : 35,- (valgfri: latte, cappuccino, americano, filter etc.)
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Foto: Olavshallen

Bodega44 | Olavshallen

Bodega44 is a casual restaurant that loves to take things in stride, a bit like a narrow Spanish alley. The menu is full of exciting tapas dishes, everything is made from scratch with real passion The bar offers Spanish beer on tap, sangria, and many variations of sherry | 10% discount on our menu "Pequeno"
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Foto: Tantes hage

Tantes Hage

Tantes Hage, in Elvegata 3, is a unique oasis in the middle of the town, a cafe, a garden, a mini town-farm with animals, you name it. Here you can take the Sunday walk and find peace among beautiful flowers and plants, as well as experience bustling wildlife in the garden with, among other things, chickens, geese and a mini pig. Sale of coffee, cakes and light lunch dishes. Located along the Gudbrandsdalsleden by the river Nidelva and the NTNU University Museum. NB! Only open Sundays 10-18 from Easter to Christmas. Otherwise closed to the public as it is a private garden | Free coffee or tea