Is your backpack to heavy?

To calculate what to bring on a pilgrimage in Norway can be tricky. How much clothes do you need and what do you do if you have packed to much?

Well, a good start is to prepare your pilgrimage with reading our recommendations for packing and preparations. Norway is a country with a lot of weather in the summer. It can be sunny and warm one day and freezing cold the other. In general, pilgrims are prepared and make sure to pack warm clothes and the necessary gear needed. But occasionally pilgrims bring too much gear, which make the backpack heavy and the pilgrimage challenging and hard. This is a tuff situation to face when you have eight or twenty days of walking ahead before you get to Trondheim and the Nidaros Cathedral.

This year there are multiple solutions

Post package: The Nidaros pilgrim center in Trondheim knows what pilgrims want to do when they face this problem; they want to send the excess baggage to Trondheim and pick it up when they arrive. Therefore, the pilgrim center have contacted the Trondheim post office and asked them to make room for pilgrim packages, and make a special allowance for them to stay longer than the normal limit of three weeks. The Trondheim post office have generously agreed to the request, and pilgrims can now send their excess baggage to the post office where it will be stored until they arrive in Trondheim.

Mark the package with "pilgrim"

To ensure that the package is allowed to stay in the postoffice longer than the normal limit of time, it is very important to mark the package with the word "pilgrim".
In order for the postoffice to differenciate the pilgrimpackages from the normal ones, you need to use the product called a "Norgespakke" and address it like this:

To: Pilgrim: «The name of the pilgrim»
Postboks 162 sentrum
7401 Trondheim

Normally the limit of storage is 3 weeks time for poste restante, but the postoffice in the centre of Trondheim is making an exeption for the pilgrims.

It is VERY important to put the word "pilgrim" in front of the name on the address in order for the post office to differenciate these packages!

The prices are standard price for packages:
Norgespakke up to 10 kg kr 180,- / over 10 kg kr 305,-. Surcharge if the package is longer then 120 cm; kr. 129,-

The package will be stored for 2 months before it is returned to sender.

Local transport companies: For transport on shorter stretches, Pilgrim Center Hamar and Dale-Gudbrand Pilgrim Center on Gudbrandsdalsleden found a solution with local transport companies all the way from Tangen to Dovre.

- Price per package: 100 kr
- Orders must be sent before kl. 16.00 the day before
- The luggage is marked with name and place of delivery/address
- The luggage is picked up at the accommodation after kl. 09.00 and is delivered at the destination before kl. 16.00

Important: Pickup every day between kl 09.00 and 15.00.
Payment for transport is done by VIPPS, to: Hamar Vandrerhjem, tel. 974 96 449
For ordering transport, call: tel. 974 96 449.
Pilgrim Center Hamar is responsible for this strech of the path.

Important: Pickup monday to friday between kl 09.00 and 15.00.
Payment for transport is done by VIPPS, to: Fåvang varetaxi, Vippsnr. 609584
For ordering transport, call Anita on: tlf. 982 67 041
Dale-Gudbrand Pilgrim Center is responisble for this strech of the path.


Granavollen Pilgrim Center have used the local taxi companies for luggage transport the last few years.

For the strech over Ringerike and Hadeland, they reccomend contacting:

Ring Taxi
Kilemokroken 15, 3516 Hønefoss
Tlf: +47 32 13 32 13

For the strech between Toten og Gjøvik these may be of help:

Gjøvik Taxi
Jernbanetorvet 3, 2821 Gjøvik
​Tlf: +47 62 58 88 55


Between Skaun og Trondheim Strandheimen pilegrimsovernatting offers luggage transport.

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