New book about kystpilegrimsleia!

Experience Kystpilegrimsleia (the coastal pilgrimage route) through the lens of photographer and author Rune Nylund Larsen, experienced coastal pilgrim and captain during the opening voyage for the pilgrimage route in 2018.

Foto: Rune Nylund Larsen

Inspired by the experiences from the voyage

In December 2017, Kystpilegrimsleia from Egersund to Trondheim was officially approved as a St. Olav Way and an European Cultural Route. Author and photographer Rune Nylund Larsen was on the opening voyage in 2018.

During the trip he got the idea for the book and a good part of the pictures we find in "Kystpilegrimsleia - Sjøveien til Nidaros" are from the opening voyage. Afterwards, there have been several trips along the pilgrim path, also on land, and the book is full of great pictures and stories from the coastal pilgrimage route and the key places.

"The book about Kystpilegrimsleia is a spectacular and beautiful journey that is accompanied by the great stories of nation building, the introduction of Christianity and the Reformation, but also the recent stories of people who have dug in to settle far out towards the sea".
-Quote from the publisher
Pilgrim priest Einar Vegge has contributed a wonderful text about pilgrimage prayer in the book. Photo: Rune Nylund Larsen
Foto: Rune Nylund Larsen
Foto: Rune Nylund Larsen

This year's coffee table book?

The book "Kystpilegrimsleia - Sjøveien til Nidaros" is described as a magnificent book and a virtual journey for inspiration. You can buy the book at Galleri Nylund Larsen in Strandgata 1, Risør, it can also be ordered directly from the publisher. Author Nylund Larsen is on a launch tour this week and a number of bookstores will after this have it in store. If they do not have it in stock, it can still be ordered from all bookstores in the country or, as allready said, directly from the publisher.
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Article in local newspaper

You can read more about the book in this article from the local newspaper iRisør
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