Leave no trace - take care of the nature

It is important that we who walk on the St. Olav Ways take care of the nature. Please follow these regulations.

Foto: Tibe

Leave no trace

When you walk on our St Olav ways it is important that we take care of the nature and act on a sustainable way. We need to act careful and walk in a way where we leave no trace and do not disturbs animals and people unnecessary.

Please follow these regulations:

- Do not camp closer than 150 m to houses or cabins.

- When you camp act careful.

- Do not camp on fields, inside fences.

- Use toilets and other facilities.

- Leave no waste, take it with you to the nearest waste box.

- If you need to go, use dog bag and take your waste with you.

- Respect no fire regulations 15th April to 15th September.

- Use leach on your dog.

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