Course in drystone masonry

In connection with the sustainable rest stop project, the National Pilgrim Center invites to a free course in drystone masonry in week 43. The course is made possible through funds from the Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and the course instructor is the experienced teacher Haakon Aase. Completed course provides course certificate!

The course

The course itself will take place where the first sustainable restop will be located, namely in Stange Almenning, approx. 45 min outside Hamar.

The course will provide an introduction to and practice in masonry with natural stone, with the main emphasis on the basic principles of drystone masonry and then with special focus on the solid drystone wall, which is the practical task here.

It is emphasized that the course is geared towards practice, and the pedagogical method will be based on the instructor working side by side with the participants, so-called «master teaching», and demonstrating procedures and techniques.

The course will run from Monday 19 October to Friday 23 October, with a bonus day for those particularly interested on Saturday 24 October. There is a limited number of places and there is registration in advance.

The course is sponsored by SparebankstiftelsenDNB and is therefore free for participants. Course certificates are distributed after the course has been completed.

Registration is by email to:

Course announcement

Read the complete course announcement here:
Les mer

Tradition meets innovation

The sustainable restop project started with a goal of designing and building 6 service buildings along the Gudbrandsdalsleden to meet the increasing traffic along the trail and ensure a better experience for walkers along the pilgrim trail.

In the first part of the project, we conducted an competition for students in architecture and design and received many exciting suggestions for the design of the building. One of the challenges was to find a balance between tradition and innovation and the building and the technical solutions also had to be sustainable.

As part of Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop, traditional crafts and dissemination of knowledge about this is close to our hearts. One of the suggestions we received through the competition was a simple cabin in stone and the idea of ​​setting up the service cabin as a course in dry masonry came to life. The building itself will be a combination of natural stone and wood and the roof will be covered by a modern version of the turf roof, namely a sedum roof.

The Sustainable Reststop Project

Read more about the project here:
Les mer
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