What to experience | Museums and cultural heritage sites

Go on a tower hike to Nidaros Cathedral or see the Norwegian crown jewels in the Archbishop's Palace. Museums offer an exciting range of art exhibits, cultural history, coastal culture and music history.

Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral is the pilgrimage destination of St. Olav and the site of his consecration as king and burial. The cathedral is also a national shrine | Free entry
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Foto: NDR

Archbishop's Palace

Visit one of Trondheim's most interesting museums and see archaeological findings from the Archbishop’s Palace | Student discount
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Foto: Age Hojem

NTNU University Museum

NTNU University Museum in Trondheim is one of seven Norwegian university museums, with natural and cultural history collections and exhibits | Pensioner discount
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Foto: Sverresborg Trøndelag folkemuseum

Trøndelag Folk Museum, Sverresborg

Trøndelag Folk Museum, Sverresborg is one of the country's largest cultural history museums, with a collection of buildings, objects, archive material and an extensive historical photo archive | 20% discount
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Foto: Trondhjems Sjofartsmuseum

Trondhjems Maritime Museum

Trondheim Maritime Museum highlights and communicates the maritime history of Trondheim and surrounding regions. The museum is also responsible for the Hansteen steamship, which is used for educational purposes | 20% discount
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Foto :Studio Prud, Trondheim Kunstmuseum

Trondheim Art Museum

Trondheim Art Museum (TKM) exhibits both Norwegian and international art and contemporary art. The museum has two exhibition sites: TKM Gråmølna and TKM Bispegata are the museum's primary sites | 20% discount
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Foto: Norsk Døvemuseum

The Norwegian Museum of the Deaf

The Norwegian Museum of the Deaf is a national museum for culture, language and history of deaf and hearing-impaired persons. The museum is a cultural meeting place between both the deaf and hearing population, focusing on communication and understanding | 20% discount
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Foto: Rockheim


Rockheim is a national museum for popular music. The museum collects, preserves and conveys Norwegian popular music from the 1950s onwards. The museum is located at Brattørkaia in Trondheim | 20% discount
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Foto: Erik Børseth, Ringve musikkmuseum

Ringve Music Museum

Ringve Music Museum is Norway's national museum for music and music instruments. The museum has a large international collection with more than 2000 historical musical instruments from the entire world | 20% discount
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Foto Jette Petersen, Stiftsgården

Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum

Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum is a national museum of crafts and design. The museum's main building is temporarily closed, but still offers dissemination in Stiftsgården, Austråttborgen and the Hannah Ryggen Center | 20% discount
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Foto: K.U.K

Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, K-U-K

Here you can experience visual art, conversations, concerts and stage performances. Here you can visit exhibitions with both established and less established artists, and you can trade art from a wide range of artists. A visit to K-U-K will make you experience Trondheim in a whole new way | Free entry
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Foto: Kystmuseet, MIST

The Coastal Museum of South-Trøndelag

The Coastal Museum of South-Trøndelag is located on the island of Hitra. The museum displays modern coastal culture with a special focus on the Norwegian aquaculture industry | 20% discount
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Foto: Museet Kystens Arv, MIST

Museet Kystens Arv

Museet Kystens Arv is a coastal heritage museum with a focus on knowledge of the construction and use of clinker-built boats. The museum has its own active boat building site and one of the country's largest collections of clinker-built sailboats | 20% discount
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Foto: Rørosmuseet

Røros Museum

Røros Museum works to preserve and develop the cultural and natural history values of the Røros district. Røros Museum receives about 70,000 visitors each year, distributed across the sites of Olavsgruva (Olav’s Mine), Smelthytta, Doktortjønna, Sleggveien and the Visitor Centre of Femundsmarka National Park. Røros and Elgå | 20% discount
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Foto: Stine Aaslokk, MIST

Orkla Industrial Museum

Orkla Industrial Museum is based on 333 years of mining operations at Løkken Verk and preserves the industrial and technological cultural of Orkland municipality. The museum displays a multifaceted history through visits to the Gammelgruva mine, Steinparken, Thamshavnbanen and exhibitions | 20% discount
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Foto: Gerhardsen Karlsen, MIST

Rindal Ski Museum

Ski history exhibits in an interesting museum building. Here you can learn more about ski-making traditions that Rindal is known for, from local craftmanship traditions to the industrial production of skis. Many professional skiers who have used these skis also have a central place in this exhibition | 20% discount
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