Children's pilgrim passport and mystery games at Borgleden

Pilgrimage is also for the little ones, Borgleden's project is proof of that. They are now launching a pilgrimage pass for children and a digital mystery game with exciting tasks. The children join the two siblings Pil and Grim on an exciting journey in history. The story becomes vivid and exciting for the whole family. Here we can find clues, crack codes and solve problems outdoors in nature.

You can get your passport for free at Borgarsyssel Museum and Borgleden Pilgrim Center. The children's pilgrim passport has posts at Skjeberg church, Borgarsyssel museum and Tune church in Sarpsborg, two posts in Son center in Vestby and one post at Kongebordet on Grønliåsen in Oppegård. You can also take part in a digital game by downloading an app about Pil and Grim on Borgleden. In this mystery game we have to look for codes on the records in Sarpsborg, and help Pil and Grim further on the journey.

If you want to know more about the program for children, contact Borgleden Pilegrimssenter.