Open churches and church events along St. Olavsleden in the summer of 2022

We have many beautiful churches along St. Olavsleden and pilgrims often have a desire to visit these. Here are examples of open churches and some samples of what is happening under their auspices this summer. The overview is updated continuously.

Stiklestad church is open every day at 11.00-18.00 until mid-August.

Alstadhaug church is also open every day at 11.00-16.00 until 14 August.

Logtun church is open every day this summer and holds concerts every Wednesday.

At Tautra, the church in Mariaklosteret is open every day from 04.00 - 19.50. Every day there is a mass with communion, on Sundays the mass is at. 09.00 and on weekdays at 08.10. The nuns also pray time prayers 7 times a day, follow the link here for more information about the time prayers.

On the inner part of St. Olavsleden is Markabygda church, it can be opened on request from pilgrims by contacting Markabygda church hall.

Lade church is not open, but invites to a walking service 28.07 at 20:00 which passes several churches with the last stop at Nidaros Cathedral.

Vår Frue Kirke is a care church and is open every day with these opening hours: Monday and Tuesday: 11:00 - 15:00, Wednesday: 11:00 - 16:00, Thursday: 11:00 - 17:00, Friday: 11:00 - 20:00, Saturday: 11:00 - 15:00. You can read more about the care church here.

The Nidaros Cathedral is open every day for visitors, entrance costs 120kr for an adult. Admission to services is free.

More Information
For a calendar and overview of services, candle lighting and other activities in the churches in Levanger, Verdal and Frosta, you can go to the website of Sør-Innherrad kirkelige fellesråd.

For a calendar and overview of services, candle lighting and other activities in the churches at Skatval, Hegra, Stjørdal og Lånke you can go to the website of Stjørdal Kirkelige fellesråd.

For a calendar and overview of services, candle lighting and other activities in the churches at Malvik, you can go to the website of Malvik kirkelige fellesråd

Here is the calendar of the other congregations along the trail: Ranheim og Charlottenlund menighet, Lade menighet, Bakklandet og Lademoen menighet, Nidaros Domkirkes sokn

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