Stiklestad - Trondheim

Follow the path across fertile agricultural landscape and through deep and calm forests. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere along this historical path between Stiklestad and Trondheim.

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  • Photo: Håkan Wike

Go from Stiklestad, where Saint Olav fell in battle in 1030, and follow the pilgrim path to Trondheim where he later was canonized a year later. The Saint Olav’s path goes across fertile agricultural landscape and through deep and calm forests. On the path you will come by monestaries, medieval churches and smallholding farms. Accommodation can be given at stabbur (traditional Norwegian storehouses), church parlors and old traditional family farms.

Day 1: 19 km (23 km), Stiklestad Kultural Senter - Munkeby

  • Train to Verdal Station. Then go the opposite way 4km on the St. Olav Way along road FV 757 to Stiklestad Kultural Senter. (Adress: Leksdalsvegen 1)
  • Also possible to start the pilgrim travle from Verdal station, since the St. Olav Way passes close by. 

Follow the pilgrim path by going south along Stilkestad allé through Verdal center and along the Verdal River. First you will walk on paved roads, then you will continue on gravel roads and forests trails. Halfway through the day you will arrive at Halle church site with its magnificent view of Verdalen and Trondheimsfjorden. There used to be a church at Halle up until 1815. The pilgrim path continues through forests and fertile farmlands before you end the day at Munkeby. Here are old ruins of a medieval monastery from the 1100s, and a new Cistercian monastery founded in 2009.


Day 2: 19 km, Munkeby - Markabygda 

On the second day of pilgrimage you continue through quiet forests. Follow the pilgrim path upwards leading to Tomtvatnet. Further up you will arrive to the mountain farms Reistadbustaden and Tomtvasslia with a great view of the mountains Frolfjellene. From there the path leads back into the forests. When you get to Vinkjerran you will once again enjoy a stunning view, this time of Markabygda.


Day 3: 23km, Markabygda - Borrås

Continue the third day along the pilgrim path through the farmlands in Markabygda. Then follow the path, yet again through forest terrain. The pilgrim path also runs alongside the beautiful lakes Bulandsvatnet and Ausetvatnet.  


Day 4: 19km, Borrås - Værnes (Stjørdal)

Day four begins with walking through the villages in Skjelstadmarka. Then the pilgrim path continues through calm woodlands at Koksåsen. Towards the end of the day you will arrive at Værnes church that dates back to the 1100s. This is the oldest surviving stone church in Norway. 


Day 5: 21 km, Værnes - Nyhus

Continue the next day by going through the village Lånke. From there the pilgrim path goes towards Gjevingåsen. Enjoy the nature while walking on forests trails and dirt roads and see the potholes and the waterfall Storfossen in the river Homla. todays finish is in Mostadmarka near Nyhus. At this point the Saint Olav path and the Rombo path, connects and continue towards Trondheim. 


Day 6: 16 km, Nyhus - Vikhammer 

At the start of the day you will pass Fjølstadtrøa, an old croft which today is a museum. Then the pilgrim path will lead you to Saksvikskorsen. This is the first place where you are able to see Trondheim. During the Middle Ages it stood a large cross here. Today it stands a new cross and a bell tower at this place, and the forest has been cleared so you once again can enjoy the view over the city.


Day 7: 18 km, 

Your last day on the St. Olav Way continue past Ranheim church and follow along beautiful Ladestien by the bay. Pass the Lade church which dates back to 1190s and Kristiansten fortress, built in 1684, before you eventually reach Nidaros Cathedral.



Recommended time of travel

  • June, July, August, September


  • Flight: Trondheim Airport Værnes
  • Train: From Trondheim or Værnes (airport) to Verdal station
  • Taxi: From Verdal station
  • Accommodation: Book accommodation in advance at Stiklestad hotel. Choose between hotel rooms with pilgrimage discount, or a historic experience at Stiklastadir Medieval Guest loft.


Day Destination Km Accommondation



Munkeby herberge




Troset farm
Markabygda kirkestue


Markabygda-Borås gård


Borås gård


Borås gård-Ersgard




Ersgard-Folden gård


Kårhuset at Folden gård


Folden gård-Vikhammer

16 Søndre Vikhammer

Vikhammer Motell og Camping


Vikhammer – Nidarosdomen (Trondheim)


Nidaros pilegrimsgård, Singsaker Sommerhotell




General information

  • Varied terrain
  • Follow the markings along the path
139 km 6 days
Munkeby hostel

Munkeby hostel

Open:All year
Opening hours cafe and shop:01.06-31.08: 12.00—19.00. Mondays we only open for guests.
01.09—31.05: wednesdays 17.00—20.00 and saturdays 12.00—17.00.
Prices:Accommodation from NOK 160,-
bed linnen / towels NOK 90,-
breakfast w / packed lunch NOK 120, -,
dinner from NOK 135,-
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Borås Farm

Borås Farm

Phone:+47 74805126 / +47 47840225 / +47 47830801
Prizes:Bed 200,- NOK
Made bed 300,- NOK
Dinner and breakfast: 100,- NOK. Self-catering
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Accommodation in stabbur

Accommodation in stabbur

Address:Husbyvegen 33, Stjørdal
Open:Weekdays Mon-Fri
Price:300,- NOK pr bed. Includes bedsheets.
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Øfsti Mellom

Øfsti Mellom

Adr:Øfsti Mellom, Sørsidevegen 699, 7514 Stjørdal
Web and contact:
Prices:From 600,- NOK including breakfast
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Price:NOK 330,- for one person, NOK 390,- for two persons and NOK 450,- for three persons.
Contact:Ingrid Nyhus phone +47 905 73 944 / +47 73 97 56 05
Address:Selbuvegen 892, 7550 Hommelvik, Norway
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