Otta - Oppdal

Go on a culinary journey across the wild and beautiful Dovre. Try muskox meat, wild berries and herbs from local farms and enjoy their rich taste at a historical mountain lodge for pilgrims.

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  • Foto: Hans Jakob Dahl

From the quiet town of Otta, the pilgrim path goes towards Dovre and the mighty mountain range. Through Rosten with its beautiful forests before you reach Dovre where you can see small farms up in the hillside. Continue up to Budsjord, a medieval farm that still to this day houses pilgrims and other travelers.

Continue up Hardbakken (“the steep hill”), which bears the name rightly, and you will find yourself up in the mountains. From here you are able to see far and wide, so take your time and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Vesle-Hjerkinn, Eystein Church and muskox are some of the many attractions found along the pilgrim path across Dovre.

Further up the path you will arrive at the historical Kongsvold. Here you will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy culinary experiences with tastes of muskox meat and local wild berries and herbs. Continue from Kongsvold towards Oppdal. Follow Vårstigen, and old road used by people since ancient times. The pilgrim path takes off from Vårstigen and rises up to about 1300 meters above sea level before it goes down towards Oppdal. On this last part of the path you will get to Ryphusan, a simple and “pilgrim like” accommodation.

Recommended time of travel

  •  June, July, August, ( September) 

General information

  • The weather in the mountain range can be a bit harsh at times, even during the summer. It is therefore important to bring along good clothes, suited for Norwegian weather, and make sure you have some extra provision.
143 km 7 days


Address:Forbregdsetra Vinstradalen, 7340 Oppdal
Charge:NOK 200 per person
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