Join us for a silent walk at the Pilgrim path from Hamar to Lillehammer.

NOK 4700

69 km 3 days Map Invite a friend

This walk focuses on silence, qigong and mindfulness.

Dag 1. Hamar – Brumynddal – Kvarstad Gård. 17 kilometers
The walk begins at Hamar station Thursday morning, following the Pilgrim path at Lake Mjøsa passing Pilgrim Centre Hamar and through the museum park at Domkirkeodden. We continue towards Brumunddal, passing a sunken lane from medieval times at Nordre Jevanol. Transport from Brumunddal centre to Kvarstad Guest farm. Dinner in the main buliding.

Day 2. Brumunddal – Vea. 20 kilometers
Back in Brumunddal centre we walk uphills towards Veldre church, from where it is a beautiful view over Lake Mjøsa and the region. We follow smaller gravel roads and grassy paths, passing Tokstadfurua (the Tokstad Pine), which is the eldest pine-tree in Norway and over 500 years old. The medieval church; Ringsaker Church is situated by Lake Mjøsa is one of Norway’s oldest and most beautiful buildings. The church is a stone basilica and the tradition is linked to st. Olav’s christening of Norway. Next to the church are the ruins of the old castle at lake Mjøsa (Mjøskastellet). The pilgrim path follows Mjøsa's shore to Moelv. Tolvsteinsringen (“the Twelve Stone Ring”) north of the centre of Moelv, is often referred to as Ringsaker`s Stonehenge. There are several other smaller stone rings in the area, but Tolvsteinsringen is the largest one; 12 stones and 25 meters in diameter.

A few kilometres from Moelv there is a short distance to Vea (a college for florists, and gardeners) for dinner and accommadation.

Day 3. Vea – Johannesgården. 20 kilometers
From Brøttum the path follows mainly tarmac and gravel roads. The path also passes through Løvstadhøgda, which is a protected natural area. This forests contains rare ecological systems with more demanding plant species and a diverse wildlife. Accommodation at the scenic farm of Johannesgården. The old storehouse is converted to a chapel, and on the hill there is a little sky chapel, uesd as a place for silence and prayer. Our hostess Karen, serves us dinner and breakfast.

Day 4. Johannesgården – Lillehammer. 12 kilometers
The last stretch towards Lillehammer follows lakeside Mjøsa on mostly gravel roads. It passes the St. Olav spring at Brøttum. Legend has it that it was St. Olav's horse that discovered the spring.
Finally, we'll cross the border into Oppland towards Lillehammer city centre.

Your tour guide Anne Winther Tollnes, is an experienced guide and qigong-instructor.

Price NOK 4700 per person, including:
• Qigong and Mindfulness
• Dinner, accommodation, breakfast and packed lunch at Kvarstad Farm
• Dinner, accommodation, breakfast and packed lunch at Vea
• Dinner, accommodation, breakfast and packed lunch at Johannesgaarden
• Luggage transport

For more information/booking, please contact Anne at email: post@levnaa.no or mobile +47  450 01 727. www.levnaa.no

69 km 3 days 1. - 4. august


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