Warnings and forecasts

Here you will find critical information that could impact your trip. For example, we will update you on the snow conditions over Mount Dovre.


June: The Dovre mountains We ask our hikers along the pilgrim path to visit our pilgrim centers for an update about the conditions over Dovrefjell/the Dovre mountains.
Gudbrandsdalen Route of St Olav Ways - Rolla Bru on the route Oslo to Trondheim in Gudbrandsdalen is closed. Detour is marked around.
Lillehammer - Gudbrandsdalen The path between in Gudbrandsdalen has some trees over the path, but this will be taking care off. 
Gudbrandsdalen–the starting point has been moved!

The startingpoint of the Gudbrandsdalsleden, and the first milestone, has been moved a couple of hundred meters. Previously the starting point was next to the ruins of the St.Clemens Church, it has now been moved to the ruins of the St.Hallvard Cathedral (next to the crossroads Bispegata - Oslo gate). Coming from the Central station/Jernbanetorget, you can take buss no 34 (direction: Ekeberg) or tram no. 19 (direction: Ljabru), get off at St.Hallvards place.