Take a look at our list of accommodations along the Gudbrandsdalen path, the St. Olav's path and the Østerdalen paths

  • Sundet gård pilgrim hostel Photo: John Wanvik

  • Fjetre Gård

  • Hostel sign at Skytterhuset in Orkdal Photo: Hans-Jacob Dahl

  • Sveinhaug hostel. Photo: Helge Eek

  • Ringli. Photo: Sølvi Sunde

  • Johannesgården. Photo: Karen Graaten

On the left you will find complete accomodation lists for the Gudbrandsdalen path and the St. Olav path. 

These lists consist of basic information about each place, including contact information. You can find more information about every place here at, we recommend using the Trip planner. You can also use the interactive map on the main pages of the Gudbrandsdalen path St. Olav's path or the Østerdalen path. Furthermore, you can also use the search function and search for each individual place. Note: For the St. Olavs path, you will only find more information about the places located in Norway here on, not those located in Sweden. 

For accomodation on the other path's, use the Trip Planner