Varphaugen Farm

Accommodation at historical pilgrim site

Phone:+47 612 30 700 / +47 476 60 680
Address:Gudbrandsdalsvegen 430, 2670 Otta
Charge:1 person NOK 200 in unspecified cabin. Tent: NOK 75 per person.
Distance:At the path
Note:Cabin. Self-catering. Shared shower/wc. Breakfast NOK 75. Packed lunch NOK 45. Bring your own sheets or rent for NOK 120.

Since the start of pilgrimage in Norway in the beginning of the 1000s until Protestantism was introduced in 1537, Varphaugen was a central stopover for pilrgrims enroute to Nidaros. The traditional pilgrim often brought stones alonng the pilgrimage, each stone representing every sin the pilgrim had commited throughout his or her life. When the pilgrims arrived at Varphaugen they threw away their stones and washed away their sins. Varphaugen (Warphougen) thus got its name.

The farm was built in 1744 and has been owned by the same family since 1870. The tourist business was started in 1947, while rafting was introduced as an activity in 1984. Since then rafting has become the main activity at the site and Sjoa Rafting Centre is today the oldest in Norway. In addition to the range of exiting rafting tours the site offers accommodation as well as good food and drinks. Sauna and hot tub are also among the facilities.

Information See website Sjoa Raftingcenter