Tydal Church

Tydal Church is a newly restored church in 1696. Tydal church was originally a Y-shaped building, and stood as the 1830s when it was partially rebuilt into long church.

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Tydal church located in Tydal parish in Stjørdal deanery. It is built of wood and was built in 1696 . The church has y - plane and 270 seats. The church has protected status automatically listed ( 1650-1850 ) .
Architect Ole Knudsen Hindrum .

Tydal church from 1696 is a log-built church, exterior and interior paneled and y- shaped ground floor and dormer on the ridge above the entrance .

The interior is characterized by painter Jens Rasmusen Sandberg wall paintings from 1738 . The paintings , which for 100 years was painted over , was uncovered and restored in 1912 by Sara Rein Hornemann. The images in the choir is best preserved. There we see Moses in the desert when it rains manna from heaven, and when he strikes the rock with his staff , and Moses talking to God on the mountain and when he looks out over the promised land of Canaan . Then there is Michael's battle with the dragon, Samson , Elijah the prophet Nathan and King David and King Solomon in prayer at the dedication of the temple.

The two-part altarpiece Crucifixion and Resurrection have that picture motifs, flanked by columns , figures and carved ornaments. Today, the year 1738 is seen in the altarpiece , but the earliest year that is found is 1709 . The figure on the right is Moses with the stone tablets and the left is John the Baptist with the lamb and a book.

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