The Stone house

The unique stone house at Granavollen is just a short detour from the path, adjacent to the old vicarage.

Distance:Close by the path

300 meters west of the Sister Churches you find this white stone house, and the rectory and vicarage garden. Steinhuset (the Stone House) is the fourth medieval building at Granavollen. The house is narrow and stretches over two floors, with a basement below.

No one can say for certain what this house was built for and by whom. Speculations are many, was it a monastery, guild hall or rectory? The Stone House is located at the old vicarage. So,mabye one of Grans priests in Catholic times constructed it? The dean Bård was a powerful and famous priest in Gran in the Catholic period. In royal sagas it's mantioned that Håkon Håkonson in 1225 traveled over Hadeland. Here he stayed  with the dean, "which entertained him well." This probably took place in the stone house.

Around 1960 the Stone House sorely needed a restoration and this was initiated by the womans farm associations at Hadeland. Today the house is owned by a trust and is used for meetings, concerts, parties etc.

Photo: Sven Rosborn / Wikimedia Commons