The Østerdalen Path

Trysil/Rena - Rendalen – Tynset – Trondheim

Experience untouched and wild nature on the Østerdalen path. Bring your backpack and take a walk on the wildest of the pilgrim paths in Norway.

  • Foto: Knut Lillealtern

  • Foto: Aslaug S Haugen

  • Foto: Aslaug S Haugen

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The Østerdalen path goes mostly through forests, valleys and mountain areas. Here you can walk in peaceful surroundings with varied nature and a rich wild life, you can experience the freedom and let your thoughts drift freely. For those who wish to focus on great nature and agricultural landscapes and make their pilgrimage on a low budget, the Østerdalen path is a good choice. The type of accommodation is primarily small simple forest cabins or campsites, but along the way it is also possible to stay in nice hotels, charming farms or other places with historic roots. This path is also very suitable if you prefer to use a tent (a tent can be a good thing to bring for security, anyhow). This path is recommended for more experienced hikers, and be aware that the path only partly has good marking. Please bring maps and a compass.

The Østerdalen path has a long history for pilgrimage. In the late middle ages there was heavy traffic between Trondheim/Nidaros and Vadstena (the city of the Saint Bridget). This part of the path starts at the border between Norway and Sweden in Trysil (but the tracks of the path can be traced all the way south to Hammarø in Sweden, by the northen shore of Vänern). The marking mile stone in Lutnes, Trysil, tells you that it is 379 km to Trondheim. Further that path enters Trysil-Knut's grand mountain world and reaches the Pilgrim Stone at Åkre in Rendalen. The stone, with a carved cross, dates back to approximately 1040 and is one of few visible marks from the early pilgrims walking this path.

The other path starts by Nesvangen in Rena in Åmot municipality, and goes through Stor-Elvdal and Rendalen municipalities before it passes the modern retreat centre Lia Gård and meets the path from west by the Pilgrim Stone mentioned above. 

The path then starts climbing Fonnåsfjellet mountain, past Tylldal with its pilgrim traditions, before it eventually reaches Trøndelag along the foot of Forollhogna National Park. The stretch through the National Park consists of mountain terrain with traces of old roads (be aware that there might be snow until late June in this area). A few days of walking later the spire of Nidaros Cathedral will materialize itself in the horizon from Øyvindstjønna at Vassfjellet mountain. In the Middle Ages a chapel was situated here and the site continues to be a resting place for pilgrims and other wanderers.

We wish you a great pilgrimage! 

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East way: Lutnes-Åkre: ca 140 km
West way: Rena-Åkre: ca 80 km
Åkre-Trondheim: ca 280 km

Lists with information about accomodation, shops, heritage etc:
West: Rena - Trondheim (PDF)
East: Trysil - Trondheim (PDF)

This path is recommended for more experienced hikers.

NB: For pilgrims from Trysil to Rendalen:
There is unfortunately still no bridge crossing the river Grøna, in Trysil. The river will be too strong for you to cross on feet, especially  early summer.
If you fail to contact someone to agree on transport ( Marga: +47 97045221, Ola: +47 99458926, Birthe: +47 47455865) you will have to follow the small road 1,5 km to Rv 26 and follow this road to Plassen Church, about 10 km.


The pilgrimage in Østerdalen is run by volunteers organized in
The pilgrimage network for Østerdalsleden

Head and contact:
Ingeborg Bø

Lia Gard Retreatcenter
Address: 2480 KOPPANG
Phone: +47 404 13 778
+47 62 46 65 00


Nidaros Pilegrimsgård

Address: Kjøpmannsgata 1, 7013 Trondheim

Recommended walks along The Østerdalen Path: