• Photo: Håvard Johansen

  • Photo: Håvard Johansen

  • Photo: Hadeland Region

  • Photo: Per Gunnar Hagelien

  • Photo: Øyvind Wold

  • Photo: Øyvind Wold

  • Photo: Hans Jacob Dahl

  • Photo: Per Gunnar Hagelien

Oslo – Gjøvik/Hamar – Trondheim

The Gudbrandsdalen Path

The longest pilgrim route in Norway, and the main road to Nidaros, todays Trondheim, during the Middle Ages.

643 km 32 days
  • Photo: Håkan Wike

  • Skarstufjellet Photo: Håkan Wike

  • Photo: Håkan Wike

  • Foto: Håkan Wike

Selånger – Stiklestad – Trondheim

St. Olav's Path

The stretch from Selånger in Sweden to Stiklestad in Norway became Olav Haraldson's
last journey before the historic battle at Stiklestad in 1030

564 km 28 days
  • Foto: Knut Lillealtern

  • Foto: Aslaug S Haugen

  • Foto: Aslaug S Haugen

  • Foto: Knut Lillealtern

Trysil/Rena - Rendalen – Tynset – Trondheim

The Østerdalen Path

Experience untouched and wild nature on the Østerdalen path, the wildest of the norwegian pilgrim paths.

  • Photo: Karin Ericsson

Gløshaugen – Stiklestad

The North Path

The North Path starts at Gløshaug Church. On its way south to Trondheim
it passes several sites connected to history of St. Olav.

Tydal – Selbu – Malvik – Nidaros

The Rombo Path

The Rombo path is not only the oldest pilgrim path in Norway; it is also an important connection between two important Nordic saints.

  • The University park in Ås Photo: Ola Rønne

  • Halden town Photo: Jan Torstein Engen

  • Berg Church Photo: Jan Torstein Engen

Halden - Sarpsborg - Ås - Oslo

The Borg Path

The Pilgrim path through the counties of Østfold and Akershus lies like a beautiful string of pearls through a varied and fertile landscape.

176 km 9 days

Valldal - Lesja - Dovre


A pilgrims path from the fjords to the mountains, in the footsteps of the Viking king Olav Haraldson.

150 km km 7-8 dager days