Ryphusan or Ryphussæteren is a mountain barn rebuilt to accommodate pilgrims, and one of the most distinctive accommodations on the pilgrim route.

Address:Forbregdsetra Vinstradalen, 7340 Oppdal
Charge:NOK 200 pr person
Distance:At the path
Note:Unattended, self catering. Bring a sleeping bag.
Self-service of food, the cabin is stocked with provisions (separate payment).

After passing the highest point of the St. Olav Ways, you walk down in a lovely pastoral valley - Vinstradalen. Ryphusan is the innermost farms in the valley and there are three farms in Oppdal which have seats here. Vinstradalen is a parallel side valley to Drivdalen, where E-6 and the railway passes. The valley is V-shaped with a canyon bottom. The area has a rich flora and interesting geology.

This cabin has a system with self-service of food. This means that it is stocked with provisions including various tinned goods, pasta/rice, coffee, tea, rye crispbread, oatmeal and other basic goods. 

It is important to note that the cottage is unattended, the pilgrim must bring a sleeping bag. The cabin accommodates 10 people. In addition there is a tent, a lavvo with 5 camp beds.

Payment is made cash by putting the money in an envelope down in a closed box or you can pay by giro, you will find payment information in the cabin.