Rødde Folk High School

Accommodation at a sommer hotel.

Phone:+47 728 52 910
Open:middle of May to middle og August
Charge:From NOK 250 per person
From NOK 600 per room
From NOK 100 with tent
Note:Breakfast is not included in the price.
Washing machine.

Rødde Folk High School serves as a sommer hotel during the summerseason. It is located in scenic surroundings approximately 15 km south of Trondheim.
Be aware: Rooms or tent place must be booked in advance, because there is no staff here at all times during the summer.

  • Accommodation in room with bathroom, with sheets included; NOK 600. 
  • Accommodation for pilgrim price in room without sheats, toilet and shower in the halway of the boarding school. NOK 250
  • Sleep in tent on the lawn, with acess to toilet and shower when the schools staff are at work. NOK 100

Breakfast can be offered by request. Not included

Washing machine available.


NB: They can not host pilgrims after the schoolyear has started.