Ilen Church

Experience the beautiful neo-Gothic stone church from 1889.
Address:Ilevollen 15, 7018 Trondheim, Norway
Phone:+47 73 83 37 80

Ilen Church (often referred to as Ila Church) is located in Ila west of Trondheim, where the land between Nidelven and Trondheim Fjord is at its narrowest. The church was designed by architect Eugene Sissenére in the Gothic Revival style, and is built of stone with wooden roofs. It was consecrated om the 7th of June 1889.

The organ is from the same year the church was built and was made by the Dane Claus Jensen from Schleswig-Holstein.

The church has a cemetery / urn grove that was renovated in December 2007 (although located some distance away from the church). It's probably the first time in Trondheim's history that a former cemetery came into use again. The cemetery is intended for Urns affiliations.

Ilen Church is part of the Ilen parish and deanery Byåsen.