Haug Mittelalter-Kirche

Mittelgrosse Kirche aus Stein mit Friedhof, Mittelalter. Innen weiss getüncht. Schöner, variierter Friedhof.
Gerade am Pilgerweg

Haug church is built of stone, probably around 1200 and is located in Haugsbygd (formerly Vangsfjerdingen) in Ringsaker. This medieval church is mentioned in written sources from 1361 and in bishop Eystein's land register of 1395. In the latter source, however, a wooden chuch is mentioned. It is therefore assumed that the former church was a stave church.

In the 1700s the church was extended and further modifications was made in the second half of the 1800s. During this restoration the church got new bells in the west tower, and a large number of coffins were excavated from the floor and moved to a common grave at the cemetery.

Reference: www.kirkesok.no

Photo: T. Bjørnstad / Wikimedia Commons